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James C. Fennell

 Early Resident

Born:January 18, 1780, Virginia
Died:September 2, 1817, Madison County, Alabama
Buried:Hobbs, Madison County, Alabama
Son of:Charity Clark Fennell
Father of:Francis Marion Fennell
Son of:Isham Fennell (1753)
Brother of:Isham Jordan Fennell (1784)


•  Married Elizabeth Hobbs in Brunswick Virginia, on Oct. 20, 1803. -

•  Son of Isham Fennell (1753) and Charity Clark -

•  Father of: Hubbard Hobbs Fennell; John D. Fennell; Willliam T. Fennell; Isham Hobbs Fennell (1808-1890); James Watkins Fennell(1810-1863), Francis Marion Fennell (1816-1872); -

•  "The upright tombstone of James C. Fennell is the only one dating from the territorial period still in existence outside of Maple Hill Cemetery and known to this writer. His original grave site was in what is now the Camelot subdivision in southeast Huntsville but was legally moved to the John Hobbs Cemetery, in the now Chimney Springs subdivision, in 1975. The stone exists today only because of careful preservation by Mrs. Roy Cochran, a family descendant." - Johnson

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