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James Benjamin Fisk (1779)

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 Early Settler

Born:1779, South Carolina
Died:December 10, 1838, Fisk, Madison County, Alabama
Buried:Madison County, Alabama
Father of:Benjamin Fisk (1829)
Father of:Goodwin Fisk (1809)


•  Son of Dr. Joseph Fiske, Jr. (Dec. 25, 1752 - Sept 25, 1837) and Elizabeth Stone (Nov. 13, 1770 - March 5, 1849) -

•  Married Tabitha Goodwin about 1800 in South Carolina. She was the daughter of William Goodwin and Tabitha Merrit. She was born April 8, 1783 in Laurens City, South Carolina and died Jan. 7, 1867 in Madison Co. Alabama. She lived almost 30 years longer than Benjamin. -

•  Father of:
     Elisabeth Betsey Fisk, b. 20 Sep 1804, Laurens County South Carolina, d. 19 Oct 1988, Madison County Alabama
     Mary Fisk, b. 18 Apr 1805, Laurens County South Carolina
     Anna Fisk, b. 01 Sep 1807, Laurens County South Carolina, d. 1865
     Goodwin Fisk, b. 20 Apr 1809, Laurens County South Carolina, d. 15 Dec 1882, Madison County Alabama
     Joseph Fisk, b. 25 Mar 1811, Laurens County South Carolina, d. 28 Sep 1830
     Robert Fisk, b. 30 Oct 1812, Laurens County South Carolina, d. 10 Aug 1823
     Sarah Fisk, b. Bet. 11 Apr 1812 - 1814, South Carolina, USA, d. Aft. 1880, Madison County Alabama
     Francis Fanny Fisk, b. 08 Jan 1816, Roane, Tennessee.
     Moses Fisk, b. 03 Jan 1818, Madison County Alabama, d. 22 Nov 1888, Madison County Alabama
     David Fisk, b. 18 Dec 1820, Madison County Alabama, d. 12 Oct 1826, Madison County Alabama
     George W Fisk, b. 24 Jan 1822, Madison County Alabama, d. 04 Oct 1826, Madison County, Alabama
     Nancy Fisk, b. Dec. 1, 1824, Madison County, Alabama
     John H Fisk, b. 18 Oct 1827, Fisk, Madison County, Alabama, d. 27 Nov 1897, Madison County, Alabama.
     James Benjamin Fisk, b. March 31, 1829, Alabama. -

•  According to the Family Tree on, Moses Fisk, their tenth child was the first to be born in Madison County Alabama. Six of his children were born in Alabama. At least three of the nine children born in South Carolina, died in Madison County, Alabama. He died in South Carolina but his wife died, almost thirty years later in Madison County, Alabama. It appears his fourth child, Goodwin, might have been the first to be noted in Madison County, Alabama records. Perhaps he came here before his father, mother and siblings. But, it is also possible that earlier or different records will disprove that theory. -

•  "Benjamin & Tabitha lived in Laurens County, South Carolina from 1804 to 1814 then went to Roane County, Tennessee. In 1818 they moved to Madison County, Alabama and founded the town of Fisk." - Roots Web

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