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Isaac W. Gill


Nickname:I. W.
Born:October 6, 1839, Petersburgh, Lincoln County, Tennessee
Died:November 2, 1917, Huntsville, Alabama
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama
Brother of:Charles Alexander Gill
Brother of:George B. Gill
Father of:James McAnelly Gill (b1880)
Son of:Thomas Owen Gill


•  Son of Thomas O. and Mariah Bennett Hayes. - Maple Hill

•  He was a brother to William R. Gill. - Maple Hill

•  Husband of Caroline E. "Carrie" McAnelly. - Maple Hill

•  In 1871, I. W. Gill and Brothers opened a new broom factory in Huntsville. - Record

•  He died of pneumonia, aged 78 years. - Maple Hill

•  John Vivian, beloved daughter of Carrie McAnelly and Isaac W. Gill. Sept. 14, 1934. - Maple Hill

•  "Born October 6, 1839 at Petersburgh, Lincoln Co., Tenn. Entered service [Huntsville, Alabama] as a private on August 16, 1861 at Camp Jones, Virginia, in Co. F, 4th Alabama Inf. and continued until June 27, 1862 when he was wounded at Guines(?) farm, Virginia. Afterwards was transferred to Quarter Master Dept, and served until close of war." - 1907 Confederate Census

•  Listed as A Grocer at 114 Washington and his home address was 502 Madison. - 1896-7 City Directory

•  Grocer, beds at T. O. Gill's Boarding House (Holmes between Washington and Green). - 1859-60 City Directory

•  Isaac W. Gill & Carrie E. McAnelly obtained a marriage license April 4, 1870 in Madison County, Alabama. - MCRC, Marriage

•  Listed as a Grocery Merchant in this census. - 1870 US Census

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