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Horatio J. Forbes

 TVA Superintendent

Born:April 12, 1906, Meridian, Lauderdale, MS
Died:October 30, 1980, Rome, Georgia


•  Area Superintendent, Tennessee Valley Authority, 1940-1948 (first one). - Record

•  Horatio was active in the Rotary Club. He is mentioned several times in Easterling's local Rotary history book. He was president of the organization for the 1944-45 club year. - Easterlling

•  When "Ratio" moved to Atlanta, Huntsville's Rotary Secretary Dwight Beeson wrote and asked the Atlanta chapter to accept Forbes as a member on the grounds of being "a grand person with an outstanding personality." - Easterlling

•  Husband of Bessie Plummer (Jan. 18, 1905 in Sandersville, MS - Dec. 31, 1989 in Decatur, GA). Married Jan. 21, 1928 in Laurel, MS. - City Directory

•  Engineer for Fulton Bag & Cotton Mills and later engineer for Celanese Corp. (Atlanta & Rome GA). - City Directory

•  Father of Haratio J. Jr. - City Directory

•  Son of Theodore James Forbes and Caroline "Carrie" Van Devender. - Trees

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