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Hezekiah Ford

 Built Early Mill

Nickname:AKA Ezekial
Born:c1776, Bradleyton, Alabama
Died:May 1, 1839, Huntsville, Alabama
Buried:Ford Cemetery, Madison County, Alabama
Brother of:John Ford (1788)


•  The Ford/Patterson Mill was built in 1820 by Hezekiah Ford on the Flint River. The area surrounding this mill is Bloucher's Ford. - Brakefield

•  Taylor described the flow of the first settlers into our area. Of Hezekiah Ford he said: He "entered the land near the Junction of Mountain Fork and Barren Fork, and built a cotton factory at an early date." - Taylor & Hoole

•  His first name is sometimes spelled "Ezekial". In one original document, it is spelled both ways within the document. - Editor's Note

•  Married 1.) Hulda Cobb 2.) Nancy N. Vining Aug. 13, 1817, Madison County, AL. After Hexekiah Ford's death, Nancy married John Moseley on Feb. 5, 1840. Nafter Nancy's death (1844, aged 46 years), John Moselfy married Epsey Gaston Oct. 14, 1845. -

•  Private soldier in the American Revolution -

•  Documentation of service in the American Revolution: "at the battle of Bennington, also in Connecticut in repelling the attacks of Gen. Arnold after his treachery." -

•  Lieutenant in the French and Indian War -

•  Father of Cyrus Ford. -

•  Land Grant for 83.7 acres in Huntsville, Alabama, signed by President Andrew Jackson -

•  Cemetery Location: Section 32-2-1E-NE SE. Off Moores Mill Road in a small plot directly behind a new, modern ranch-style home. - Ford Cemetery

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"Ezekial Ford Land Grant for 83.7 acres in Huntsville, AL signed by President Andrew Jackson." From (viningj).

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