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General John Coffee

 Soldier and Pioneer Settler, Soldier, Merchant, Land Speculator, Surveyor

Born:June 2, 1772, Prince Edward County, VA
Died:July 7, 1833, Florence, AL
Buried:Coffee Cemetery, Florence, AL


•  "Surveyor of the northern District of Mississippi Territory, first stationed in Huntsville (1817) and later located in Florence (holding that position until his death - his last commission being dated July, 1831.) He developed an extensive holding of farm lands and built a large dwelling, which is still in the hands of his descendants." - Alabama Biography

•  "Son of Joshua and Elizabeth (Graves) Coffee, of Virginia, who removed, in 1775, to Granville County, N. C., where he joined the Revolutionary Army, and commanded a company of mounted gunmen.'" - Alabama Biography

•  "In 1789, after the death of his father, John Coffee and his mother removed to Davidson County, Tenn., engaging for several years in merchandising. Later, he surveyed the Duck and Elk river territory. In 1813, he commanded the mounted troops that hastened to protect the Ft. Mims Territory, after the Indian massacre. He led the American troops in the first attack on the British at the battle of New Orleans, and was Gen. Andrew Jackson's aide in the Creek war, and at the Battle of Horse Shoe Bend." - Alabama Biography

•  Married: October 3, 1809, in Davidson county, Tennessee, to Mary Donelson, sister of Rachel Donelson, wife of Andrew Jackson, daughter of John and Mary (Purnell) Donelson, and granddaughter of John and Rachel (Stockley) Donelson, of Virginia, the former a Revolutionary soldier. - Alabama Biography

•  Father of:

Mary, married Hatchings
John Donelson
Andrew J.
Alexander Donelson
Rachel Jackson, married Dyas
William D.
Joshua - Alabama Biography

•  "He was considered the most even-tempered and least selfish of Andrew Jackson's lifelong friends. He was described as a big awkward man, careless of dress, slow of speech, but kindly, tactful and wise." - Wikipedia

•  After he moved to Florence, he continued to make frequent passes through the area and was influential in the early life of the county. His name can be found on Madison County lists for both war parties and social parties. He and Andrew Jackson also often frequented the sporting events at Green Bottom Inn. - Wikipedia

•  Mercantile business with Andrew Jackson - Wikipedia

•  General John Coffee was a "state militia general in Tennessee. He commanded troops under General Andrew Jackson in the Creek Wars (1813-1814) and the later Battle of New Orleans, final confrontation of the War of 1812." - Wikipedia

•  Jackson-Benton Duel 1813 - Coffee knocked Thomas Benton down a flight of stairs after Benton's failed assassination attempt on Jackson. - Adena

•  Inscription on his tombstone:
     "Sacred to the memory of Gen. John Coffee, who departed this life on the 7th day of July A. D., 1833,aged 61 years. As a husband, parent and friend he was affectionate, tender and sincere. He was brave, prompt and skillful General; a distinguished and sagacious patriot, an unpretending just and honest man.
     To complete his character, religion mingled with these virtues, her serene and holy influence gave him that solid distinction among his fellow men, which distraction can not sully nor the grave conceal. Death could do no more than remove so excellent a being from the theatre he so much endorsed in this world to the bosom of the God, who created him and who alone has the power to reward the immortal spirit with exhaustless bliss." - Roots Web

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