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Campbell Milton Gillespie

 Planter and Land Holder

Born:July 10, 1829, Blount County, Tennessee
Died:February 7, 1910, Madison County, Alabama
Buried:Farley Cemetery in Huntsville, Alabama
Grandfather of:Claude Milton Gillespie
Father of:Nancy Hesseltine Gillespie Farley
Father of:Samuel Cowan Gillespie


•  There seems to be various spellings of related people from Madison County. We have seen Gallaspie, Galaspy, Gallaspie, Gilaspie, Gillaspie, and Gillespie. Gillespie seems to be the most common. - Editor's Note

•  "Campbell Milton Gillespie (1829-1910) and Narcissa Larinda Clarke Gillespie (1832-1906) came here from Maryville, Tennessee and settled first in Morgan County in 1870. On Nov. 13, 1878, he purchased (for the sum of $2,400.00) from Z.W. Drake and wife Rosanna, 170 acres of land lying south of the Memphis-Charleston RR in Madison. Here he continued his lifelong vocation of farming. Campbell and Lorinda were the parents of eight children (seven survived.) Samuel C. (remained in Madison and also farmed), Narcissa E., Dr. J.C. (became a popular physician in Decatur), Philander M., John F. (moved to Birmingham), Hessie and William H. Both are buried in the Farley Cemetery, south of Old Madison Pike, across from Miller Plaza." - Heritage: Hailey

•  Served in the Civil War. - Rankin

•  Father of "Miss Hessie who was born on July 22, 1866, in Maryville, Tennessee; Samuel and Philander who later became Madison farmers; James who became a doctor in Decatur, Alabama; George who died at the age of 26; John who became a Birmingham doctor; William who sold Florida real estate; and Narcissa Elizabeth who never married and lived with her parents. The Gillespies were prominent landowners in Maryville, from which they moved to Morgan County, Alabama, in 1870. In 1879 they moved to a farm outside of Madison, Alabama." - Heritage: Watkins and Bryant

•  A Bio for his son John Finley Gillespie includes information about his parents. (It also asserts that he was an attorney rather than an doctor as suggested in the Heritage piece.)
This is what it says about his son:
     Mr. Gillespie is a son of Campbell M. and Nora Lorinda (Clarke) Gillespie, both of Tennessee. C. M. Gillespie was a planter and extensive land holder before the war, and a member of the Gillespie family, prominent in the early history of Tennessee." - Heritage: Watkins and Bryant

•  Campbell Milton Gillespie and Narcissa Larinda Clarke were married October 9, 1850 in Blount Co., Tennessee. -

•  Married Narcissa Lorinda Clark (born in Tennessee on November 22, 1832 and January 26, 1907). - Rankin

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