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Education Resources

These Education Resources are part of the HOPE (History Outreach Program for Educators) program of the Huntsville-Madison County Historical Society. They are available for use by anyone (teachers, students, parents, scholars) who is interested in history of Huntsville and Madison County.

The items on this page are also organized into the following topical pages which can be accessed directly from the Education Resources box in the page header.

Please Email Dakota Cotton, HMCHS Education Resources Coordinator, if you have any questions.

Special Events

Tours, Games, Audio, & Activities

  • Olde Towne Brass - Huntsville's Olde Towne Brass performs in the manner of Early American and Civil War bands, playing original Civil War Music on actual Civil War Over-The-Shoulder (OTS) Brass Horns.
  • Glimpses of Old Huntsville - A series of brief audio recordings by Nancy Rohr, a local historian, author and storyteller whose familiar voice tells stories about life in early Huntsville, the residents of historic homes and local heroines of the Civil War.

Books Available on PDF

  • Maple Hill Cemetery, Phase One by Diane Robey, Dorothy Scott Johnson, John Rison Jones, Jr., & Frances C. Roberts, Huntsville-Madison County Historical Society (HMCHS), 1995, courtesy of HMCHS.



  • UAH Speakers Bureau - Professors from the UAH College of LIberal Arts on a variety of subjects.

Other Digital History Resources

  • Alabama Mosaic - AlabamaMosaic is a repository of digital materials on Alabama's history, culture, places, and people. Its purpose is to make unique historical treasures from Alabama's archives, libraries, museums, and other repositories electronically accessible to Alabama residents and to students, researchers, and the general public in other states and countries.
  • Historic Alabama Newspapers - Some of Madison County's historic newspapers are available for free through the Alabama Department of Archives and History.
  • Huntsville History Collection - The Huntsville History Collection compiles information and resources about Madison County's history in a searchable, easy-to-use comprehensive Wiki-style page.
  • Huntsville Rewound - Browse hundreds of images, photographs, and other media from Huntsville and Madison County's past.
  • Alabama History Education Materials Collection - The Alabama History Education Materials Collection features instructional activities and lesson plans that were created from the collections of the Alabama Department of Archives and History. The materials in this collection cover topics in Alabama History from the First Alabamians to the modern Civil Rights Movement and more. These materials are downloadable, printable, and free to use.
  • Huntsville African-American History Project - This locally organized project is collecting oral histories from Huntsville's African-American community. Their collection, available for viewing and listening online and through Facebook, contains interviews concerning the civil rights movement, local schools, local music, and Redstone Arsenal and Marshall Space Flight Center, among others.
  • Find People - Information about people, past & present, who have shaped Huntsville and the World.
  • Rocket City Civil Rights - The Mission of the Rocket City Civil Rights project is to capture, document, and share oral histories of the successful, non-violent civil rights movement in Huntsville, Alabama.
  • Vintage Vignettes - A series of short stories about the people and history of Madison and Madison County, originally published in The Huntsville Times.

Local Museums & Historical Sites

  • Harrison Brothers Hardware - "Harrison Brothers, located on South Side Square in Huntsville, is the oldest operating hardware store in Alabama. Founded in 1879 by brothers James and Daniel Harrison as a tobacco store on Jefferson Street, the business was moved to its present location in 1897." It is maintained by the Historic Huntsville Foundation.
  • Weeden House Museum - "The Weeden House Museum, located at 300 Gates Avenue, Huntsville, Alabama is home to the artwork of Maria Howard Weeden and currently houses many of her works in the museum collection." It "is now owned by the City of Huntsville and is leased by the Twickenham Historic Preservation District Association and maintained as a 19th Century house museum."
  • Burritt on the Mountain - This museum, situated on Round Top Mountain with a view of downtown Huntsville, sits on 167 acres of land with 10 miles of hiking trails that connect to the Land Trust and Monte Sano State Park. The museum features Dr. William Henry Burritt's eclectic 1938 mansion, open daily for tours and exhibits, and a historic park with six 19th century houses relocated from across the Tennessee Valley. The historic park includes a blacksmith shop and barnyard as well as a historic church that hosts plays and events throughout the year.
  • Alabama Constitution Village - "Forty-four delegates of the constitutional convention gathered here in a vacant cabinet shop on July 5, 1819, to organize Alabama as the 22nd state. John Boardman's print shop, Clement Comer Clay's law office, the Federal Land Surveyor's office, a post office and sheriff Stephen Neal's residence surround that cabinet shop."
  • Huntsville Depot & Museum - "Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Depot served as the local passenger house & the corporate offices for the eastern division of the Memphis & Charleston Railroad. An active passenger station until 1968, the original depot building now stands as a symbol of Huntsville's transportation history and city growth."
  • North Alabama Railroad Museum - The center piece of this museum with over 30 railroad cars is the Chase Depot, the smallest union depot in the country since it served more than one railroad when in service. If you visit the museum on a day when the train is running, you can ride a vintage train over the museum's own Mercury & Chase Railroad.
  • U.S. Space & Rocket Center - "Home to Space Camp, Aviation Challenge and X-Camp; The U.S. Space & Rocket Center is recognized as one of the most comprehensive U.S. manned space flight hardware museums in the world."

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