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The Huntsville-Madison County Historical Society has published The Huntsville Historical Review since 1971. The Review is a great source of local historical information.

The Society has graciously allowed us to reproduce it's articles in the Huntsville History Collection. A PDF file is available for each issue and article. A Table of Contents is provided below. In addition, a subject index, an author index and a full text search can be accessed from these links:

The following is an updated version of A Complete Listing and Index of The Huntsville Historical Review originally complied by James W. Lee, John Rison Jones, Jr. and Dorothy Price Luke, and published as the Summer-Fall 2001 (Volume 28, No. 2) issue of the The Huntsville Historical Review. The update was done by Deane Dayton.

The Huntsville Historical Review Author Index

Adams, B.

Allen, J.

Bayer, L.

Bell, W.D.

Bobo, M.B.

Bounds, S.E.

Burwell, E.

Butler, J.D.

Byers, D.

Carnell, B.

Carpenter, K.

Carr, S.

Cason, C.

Castellano, D.

Centennial History Committee

Chadick, Mary

Clay, John W.

Codori, C.

Coe, J.G.

Coleman, Cpt. Daniel

Craig, A.B.

Curtis, S.

Darnell, F.B.

Davis, R.S.

Dice, J.P.

Dickerson, G.

Dunham, D.

Edwards, Elijah E.

Ellis, J.

Ethridge, C.

Ferguson, A.

Finn, D.E.

Fisk, S.H.

Ford, E. Mrs.

Forests, W.

Fraser, O.

Gabel, M.B.

Gale, D.G., Jr

Gates, G.H.

Gibby, S.

Gorham, C.L.

Grace, A.

Graham, D.

Gray, J.P.

Gray, L.E.

  • Thomas Bibb, Volume 32, #1, Winter-Spring 2007, Gray, L.E., page 46

Gribbon, E., Rev.

Hagood, J.C.

Hamlin, K.F.

Hanaw, M.A.G.

Harbarger, H.P.

Hardin, D.

Harper, V.

Hauer, C.

Helton, V.

Hill, J.B.

Hitt, D.

Hogan, B.

Hoksbergen, B.

Hollander, David

Hudson, R.W.

Hughes, H.L.

Hutchens, E.N.

James, L.

Jenkins, D.

Johnson, D.S.

Johnson, L.R.

Jones, H.P.

Jones, J.M.

Jones, J.R., Jr.

Jones, J.R., Jr

Jones, K.P.

Jones, P.

Kaylor, M.

King, O., Mrs.

Kirshtein, D.

Kvach, J.F.

Lacey, H.C.

Lacey, M.

Lady, D.L.

Lang, C.

Lanman, C.

Leberman, B.S.

Lee, J.W.

Lieberman, S.

Luke, D.P.

Luttrell, F.A. III

Lutz, H.

Mahoney, G.M., Jr.

Marks, H.S.

Marks, M.K.

Maroney, M.

Martz, J.

Mason, J.M.

Maulsby, A.G.

McCanless, C.L.

McCauley, P.

McCormick, A.

McGinty, G.W.

McGowan, L.

  • Henry Hitchcock, Volume 32, #1, Winter-Spring 2007, McGowan, L., page 53
  • Israel Pickens, Volume 32, #1, Winter-Spring 2007, McGowan, L., page 56

Meek, R.L.

Menarchek, M.

Michael, C.E.

Milam, D.

Mitchel, Gen. O.M.

Mohler, S.T.

Murray, L.

Nelson, J.

Nilsson, D.

O'Brien, J.

O'Connell, P.

Paetz, J.

Pannick, J.

Patterson, J.

Pearson, A.B., Jr

Perry, R.E.

Pruett, J.

Pruitt, R.

Rankin, J. P.

Record, J.

Reeves, J.P.

Reeves, M.A.

Reeves, R.


Reid, W.

Rice, C.S.

Richardson, J.T.

Richardson, P.W.

Riley, L.W.

Roberts, F.C.

Rohr, N.M.

Ross, J.M.

Russell, B.

Ryan, P.H.

  • Tracy Pratt, Volume 15, #1 & #2, 1985, Ryan, P.H., page 27

Shannon, J.N.

Shapiro, N.M.

Shapiro, N.

Shaver, J.M.

Sherrod, R. L.

Shields, J.N.

Sibley, W.

Skipper, O.C.

Smith, Gen. E. Kirby

Smith, J.

Snow, B.J.

Snow, W.A.

Snow, W.

Stamps, K.L.

Starnes, E.E., Jr

Stephens, E.

Stroup, W.

Stubno, W.J., Jr

Stuhlinger, E.

Suiter, D.

Tate, C.

Taylor, M.

Taylor, P.

Tumlin, M.G.

Vaughn, F.C., Jr

Wagner, L.J.

Ward, P.O.

Ward, T.B.

Watson, E.L.

Watson, R.C., Jr.

Weber, S.

Weeden, J.D.

Wesley, W.H.

Wesson, K.R.

Westmoreland, F.G.

White, G.G., III

White, R.A.

Wiesman, W.

Wilson, F.

Young, C.M.

von Saurma, R.G.

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