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500 Church Street, Huntsville, AL 35801<br >
500 Church Street, Huntsville, AL 35801<br >
800-SPACE-4-U, []
800-SPACE-4-U, []

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View Historic Huntsville Tour brochureTwickenham MapOld Town MapFive Points Map109 Gates Avenue, Alabama Constitution Village216 West Side Square, Regions Bank Building, ca. 1835124 South Side Square, Harrison Brothers Hardware Store, ca. 1897231 East Side Square, I. Schiffman Building, ca. 1845212 Eustis Avenue, The Church of the Nativity, Episcopal, ca. 1859300 Williams Avenue, Thomas Bibb House, ca. 1836210 Williams Avenue, Fletcher-Lowe House, ca. 1902205 Williams Avenue, Public Inn, ca. 1818501 Franklin Street, Van Valkenburg House, ca. 1902515 Franklin Street, Munroe-Clark House, ca. 1814516 Franklin Street, Mastin-Batson House, ca. 1819517 Franklin Street, Thomas Fearn House, ca. 1820527 Franklin Street, Albert Erskine House, ca. 1818558 Franklin Street, Morgan-Neal House, ca. 1823601 Franklin Street, Hollowell House, ca. 1835600 Franklin Street, Grove-Bassett House, ca. 1818600 Adams Street, Cruse House, ca. 1825528 Adams Street, Yeatman House, ca. 1825603 Adams Street, Moore-Rhett House, ca. 1826517 Adams Street, McDowell House, ca. 1848518 Adams Street, Clarke-Dorning House, ca. 1835511 Adams Street, Lane House, ca. 1835413 McClung Avenue, Walker-Lowe House, ca. 1834416 McClung Avenue, McClung House, ca. 1838403 Echols Avenue, Pope House, ca. 1814310 Williams Avenue, Mastin House, ca. 1823407 Lincoln Street, Helion Lodge No. 1401 Lincoln Street, Perkins House, ca. 1815311 Lincoln Street, Cox House, ca. 1825312 Lincoln Street, First Presbyterian Church, ca. 1860300 Gates Avenue, Howard Weeden House Museum, ca. 1819206 Gates Avenue, Berstein House, ca. 1818103 Lincoln Street, Temple B'nai Sholom, ca. 1898111 Calhoun Street, Lloyd House, ca. 1857118 Calhoun Street, Dill House, ca. 1855505 Holmes Avenue, Shepherd House, ca. 1828132 Walker Avenue, Johnson House, ca. 1872127 Walker Avenue, Pleasants House, ca. 1889100 Pratt Avenue, Clemens House, ca. 1830809 Pratt Avenue, Booth-Putnam House, ca. 19061115 Ward Avenue, Livingston House, ca. 19291204 Ward Avenue, Cummings House, ca. 1940811 Randolph Avenue, Petty House, ca. 1905804 Wells Avenue, Coombs House, ca. 1899Maple Hill CemeteryWalking Tour Map.jpg
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Map courtesy of the Huntsville/Madison County Convention & Visitors Bureau
500 Church Street, Huntsville, AL 35801

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